Let’s go diving

Work… what’s that? It’s time to go diving!

Our schedules for dive trips are fairly flexible as our experienced local guides will choose the dive sites for the following day based on weather conditions and the experience of divers. We have two large bangka boats, which means that you can dive at different destinations based on your choice and level.

We maintain a strict ratio of a maximum of four guests per guide, providing you with the safest and most clutter-free diving possible.

On a typical day, we set off from the beach about 8.30am and head out for two dives. If weather and the government permits, we go to Balicasag or Pamilacan Islands for the rich marine life, colourful coral and the abundant turtles. Our second boat might leave for the interesting walls of Arco and BBC, the macro diving in Kalipayan, or the sardines of Napaling. The morning boats return about 1pm, just in time for lunch!

Diving in the afternoon is pretty much ad hoc, and can be easily arranged based on the schedule for the day. Depending on what time the sun sets, you may be able to do two afternoon dives, or one afternoon dive and one dusk dive. After the sun sets, it is time for a night dive with the critters.

For the more experienced divers, dive trips to Cabilao Island can be arranged, but require a minimum number of divers.

Dive prices:

  • Diving at Balicasag / Pamilacan: Php1,500 / dive
  • Diving at Panglao / Napaling: Php1,300 / dive

Additional costs:

  • Balicasag entrance fee: Php250 / day
  • Pamilacan entrance fee: Php250 / day
  • Napaling entrance fee: Php250 / day
  • Equipment rental: Php200 / dive
  • Equipment rental: Php400 / day
  • Dive computer rental: Php350 / dive
  • Enriched Air (Nitrox 32%) tanks: Php350 / tank
  • Torch rental: Php250 / dive

We provide:
Drinking water, tea, coffee, towels, fruit, biscuits

Please bring:
Your dive certification card, reef-safe sunscreen, a hat or sunglasses and maybe some snacks if you get hungry easily!

Painted frogfish, Bohol Divers Wreck
Painted frogfish, Bohol Divers Wreck