Did you know that five of the seven species of marine turtles worldwide can be found in the Philippines? Our enhanced AWARE Sea Turtle Distinctive Specialty course will teach you to view marine turtles in a whole new light and learn more about marine turtle conservation.

In the classroom

We go over the basic biology of marine turtles, their role in the ecosystem, life cycles and global population status. We will talk about threats to marine turtle populations and how you can help with marine turtle conservation. You will also learn to identify each species of marine turtle (pretty cool, eh!)

In our additional section developed with the assistance of the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, we will also share specific information on marine turtle protection status in the Philippines, responsible interaction guidelines, and how to respond to marine turtle incidents.

In the sea

Then, your instructor will take you on two snorkels or dives where you can participate in our Bohol marine turtle identification project developed in conjunction with Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines (LAMAVE). Bring your underwater camera and help us with our local turtle conservation efforts!

As this is a Project AWARE Specialty Course, your application fee will go to helping Project AWARE protect our oceans, one dive at a time.

Time / cost

2x half days (one afternoon of theory + one morning at sea)
Php 10,800 (2 dives)