Looking for vegan food in Bohol? Whether you are vegan for the animals or plant-based for your health, it can be hard to find places to eat in the Philippines. Let our vegan staff share some of their favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Panglao and Bohol.

//  Vegan Food Near Alona

Shaka (Vegan) $$

Shaka is the only full-vegan restaurant in Panglao and a very short walk from Alona Beach. They have the largest menu of vegan food in Bohol. Shaka offers a range of juices, smoothies, burgers, smoothie bowls, nachos, chia pudding, and more. We love the all-day cooked breakfast. I mean, who doesn’t? The café environment has a lovely chill vibe and they are probably the only folks in the area who will have non-dairy milk for your morning coffee or tea.

Vegan food in Bohol - Shaka

Andrea’s Mango Resto Hauz (Vegan Options) $

Andrea’s is a Filipina-owned family business helmed by—you guessed it—Andrea. They are probably the closest you will get to real local carenderia (canteen) food where there are a variety of dishes on display and you point to order. Andreas has vegan dishes such as stir-fried bean sprouts, stir-fried pechay, and eggplant adobo, and vegetarian dishes like potato salad and torta talong (eggplant omelette). One warning: the “vegetable spring rolls” have little bits of meat in them.

A Tavola (Vegan Options) $$

If you need an Italian fix, A Tavola has the best pizza, pasta, and calzones in the Alona area and their prices are pretty reasonable. The thin-crust vegetarian pizza is fantastic and there are a couple of pastas that vegans can enjoy (just remind them to hold the parmesan). A little bit further than the other pizza restaurants in Alona, A Tavola is also generally has a nicer and quieter atmosphere to hang out in. They offer free delivery in Tawala.

Bollywood Indian (Vegan Options) $$

If you need an Indian fix, Bollywood Tadka is the only Indian around. They have a good selection of vegetarian dishes including the standard vegetable biryani and dal tadka. If you are vegan you will need to choose dishes without paneer or cream. When in doubt, you can ask the servers who speak good English. Food here is generally good but can be a hit and miss when the restaurant is busy. So if you see a ton of people inside, probably best to walk by.

// Vegan Food a Little Further in Panglao

Bohol Beach Club (Vegan Options) $$ Bolod

Bohol Beach Club is a Filipino-owned family business. Its restaurant fronts a gorgeous almost-private beach. BBC has a few vegetarian/vegan options on their menu including a veggie pancit (fried noodles), grilled vegetables medley, barbecue tofu, and sizzling mushrooms. Their service staff is exceptionally well-trained and happy to obliged if you need to customize your dishes. Their portions are generous and their prices surprisingly reasonable.

Udzuki (Vegan Options) $$ Tawala

Udzuki is a fantastic gem of a Japanese restaurant owned and run by a Japanese lady who has lived in Panglao for many years. Far from the commercial restaurants, Udzuki serves real Japanese food with many ingredients imported from overseas. The restaurant boasts a dedicated vegan menu and plenty of tofu dishes. If you are unsure what to order, the chef is always around to give you suggestions. A little off the beaten track but super worth the trip.

Sisa Bistro (Vegan Options) $$ Bolod

Sisa Bistro is a Filipina-owned business where the chef is one of the owners Sisa has an authentic Filipino menu with some Pan-Asian additions and the quality of their cuisine is far above any of the normal restaurants on the island. It is also one of the few places you will be able to find tofu. There are several dishes for vegetarians. For vegans, try the Thiago (Thai curry) or our recommendation—the Corazon (banana blossom with tofu instead of shrimp).

Bohol Bee Farm (Vegan Options) $$ Dauis

Bohol Bee Farm is a Filipina-owned family business. The dining area has great sea views and their dishes are made from organic vegetables that they grow themselves. They also have a huge choice of ice cream in local flavours. The food here is a little pricier than average but you are paying for the views after all. We love the fresh lumpia, fresh herb pasta, and the salad with flowers (ask for it without meat). Vegans need to specify no cheese as it comes on literally everything.

Sicily (Vegan Options) $$ Dauis

The general consensus is that Sicily is the best pizza in Bohol. Owner and head chef, Giuseppe, purpose-built a woodfire oven and you can see the chefs making proper pizza dough right in front of you. Their spaghetti porcini or risotto porcini are fantastic for vegans and their linguine pesto and four-cheese pizza for vegetarians. Although it is along the main highway, the restaurant is nicely set back in a lush garden. Worth the travel for the setting and the quality of food.

// Vegan Food in Tagbilaran and Beyond

Vegan Shack (Vegan) $ Tagbilaran

Vegan Shack is a Filipino-owned business. If you have been wanting to try Filipino food but leery of establishments that are not fully vegetarian or vegan, this is the place for you. This is not a restaurant as much as a stall in a food park. With the ultra-casual atmosphere comes really affordable prices and the combos are a really good deal. Vegan Shack does dishes like burgers, pad Thai, sushi, and gyoza, but our favourite is the sisig.

Vegan food in Bohol - Vegan Shack

Chido Cafe (Vegan Options) $$ Tagbilaran

Chido Cafe has the most eclectic menu you will find in Bohol. The owner is well traveled and their dishes range from Mexican to Southeast Asian to authentic Filipino. Of course, they also have the rice and noodle bowls, including the soba noodles that are this post’s cover image. Oh, and home-made ice pops too! Although Chido is not a vegetarian restaurant, almost all of their specials have a vegan or vegetarian option. The nice view of the mangroves and seaside is an added perk.

Food & Fables (Vegan Options) $$ Loboc

Located in the beautiful Fox & Firefly Cottages along the Loboc River is Food & Fables Cafe. The Filipina owner of the cafe and resort is also a yoga practitioner and their food is designed to be clean and healthy. About 75 percent of the Food & Fables menu is vegan or vegetarian and adapted from authentic Filipino recipes. They also grow a lot of their own produce, so you can be part of their sustainable, farm-to-table experience.

Green Thumb Farm (Vegan Options) $$ Corella

If you are visiting the Corella Tarsier Sanctuary, Green Thumb Farm is just nearby. This lovely Filipino-owned mushroom farm off the beaten track has incredible al fresco dining and an extensive farm-to-table menu that recreates Filipino classics with mushrooms. Everything on the menu—bar the very obviously titled chicken dishes—is vegetarian. Vegan options are the sisig (ask for no eggs), kare kare, bicol express, and mushroom steak.

Every breath you take, every move you make, affects the ocean and the forests. Everything blue, green, and in between, counts on you to make sustainable and ethical choices. To help you choose wisely in your daily life and travels, we have compiled where you can find vegan food in Bohol on a Google Maps list.

Cover photo: Soba noodle salad from Chido Cafe.