Basic PADI dive courses

No experience? No worries! These courses are perfect for you.
PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

Not sure if you want to sign up for dive certification yet, or just want to have a taste of diving? No worries, the Discover Scuba Diving option is perfect for you! You will spend some time with our friendly PADI instructors going over a few basic diving skills in the swimming pool. Then your instructor will take you for a dive amongst the stunning corals and fish.

½ day Php3,800
PADI Scuba Diver (SD)

So you want to get certified but don’t really have that much time? Scuba Diver is a great option for you to start taking a step towards your PADI Open Water card. Spend some time in the classroom learning about diving theory, about half a day in the pool practising basic scuba diving skills and then out on the boat for two open water dives. After this PADI dive course, you will be certified to dive to twelve metres when accompanied by a dive professional.

1½ – 2 days Php11,000
PADI Open Water Diver (OW)

The most popular PADI dive course in the world is perfect for those who are ready to take the plunge! The PADI Open Water Diver (OW) course involves some classroom time where you learn the basic dive theory and essential knowledge. Then you will spend time in confined water, in the swimming pool, learning and practicing your diving and buoyancy skills. You will then head out one of our boats for your four open water dives, to a maximum depth of eighteen metres. We teach the revised Open Water course, which includes more skills and training to ensure that you will be a competent and independent diver.

With the eLearning option you can do the theory at home and complete the course here in just two and a half days. Or take it easy, and learn with us over a leisurely four days. We charge the same price for the Open Water course whether you choose eLearning or classroom academics!

2½ – 4 days Php18,800

Advanced PADI dive courses

Already certified? Extend your experience and go on a learning adventure!
PADI ReActivate

Formerly known as the Scuba Review, the new ReActivate program by PADI is the perfect way to update your dive skills and knowledge from the PADI Open Water Diver Course before jumping back into the water. The ReActivate program is fully personalised and prescriptive, meaning you only have to cover the areas where your skills and knowledge need refreshing. You will be able to review important concepts using with ReActivate Touch before you even start on your holiday.

½ day Php3,500
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW)

Love diving? This is where you get to fine-tune the diving skills learnt during your Open Water dive course while extending your underwater experience. During your advanced course we will take you to the world-renowned Balicasag Island where you will have the opportunity to see some of the Coral Triangle’s vibrant corals, dive among a huge school of jacks, and marvel at a healthy array of sea turtles. You may even see a few dolphin on the way there or back!

The AOW course comprises a total of five dives of which two — the deep dive and the navigation dive — are compulsory. The remaining three dives are up to you to choose but here we highly recommend the out-of-this-world night dive, the thrilling drift dive and the satisfaction of Peak Performance Bouyancy.

2 days Php14,800
PADI Rescue Diver + Emergency First Response (EFR)

Love a challenge? You will love the PADI Rescue Diver course. Learn many important skills and improve your ability to react when faced with emergency situations. The dive course is invaluable for recreational divers and a necessary step for those who wish to Go PRO and take the PADI Divemaster course. It is also a prerequisite for Master Scuba Diver certification, PADI’s highest recreational diving distinction.

The Emergency First Response course is a necessary companion for the Rescue Diver course, and will train you in first aid and CPR. If you have Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance or similar certification, you may not need to do the EFR course, please enquire to confirm.

2½ – 3 days Php24,000
PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba course. Diving with enriched air (Nitrox) allows you to stay down longer and getting back in the water sooner. You can choose between a theory-only course, or one that includes two dives on enriched air.

½ day
1 day
PADI Sidemount Diver / Tec Sidemount Diver

The PADI Sidemount Diver and Tec Sidemount Diver course improves your diving skills and buoyancy, increases your bottom time, and open doors to a whole new underwater experience. Find out more about sidemount diving and why we love it.

3 days
5 days
PADI Self-Reliant Diver

During the Self-Reliant Diver course, you learn about potential risks of diving alone and the value of equipment redundancy and necessary back-up gear. Develop skills for self-reliance and independence, while becoming a stronger partner in a dive pair or team. Minimum requirement of 100 dives plus one assessment dive by instructor.

2 days Php16,800
AWARE conservation specialties

Project AWARE specialty courses help you learn more about the environment and the conservation of our precious underwater resources. We offer the AWARE Sea Turtle Distinctive Specialty, the AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty, and the AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty. More about our conservation courses.

1 day Php10,000
Other PADI Specialties

We offer an array of PADI specialty dive courses that will build on your current abilities in areas that you have a special interest in. Certification requirements and minimum age levels for the courses vary, so for a more comprehensive list and more information, please enquire.

  • Peak Performance Bouyancy
  • Fish Identification
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Digital Underwater Photographer
  • Digital Underwater Videographer
  • Drift Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Search & Rescue Diver
  • 1 – 3 days Php12,000 – Php14,000